Berlin: women shopping at the flea market ©Getty Images (Thomas EyeDesign)

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Vintage Love: 9 Flea Markets That Have It All

Select and rare items, iconic objects, trinkets and exclusive antiques: Markets make collectors' and vintage lovers' hearts beat faster. However, where can they be found? Our list will reveal the answer.

Flea and jumble markets take place all over Germany in practically every city and often in the countryside in the summertime. In Berlin and Hamburg, there are even multiple markets, with smaller flea markets found in backyards at weekends. Some take place every weekend, others only once a month or even on only two dates a year. Those who love flea markets not only appreciate the large selection of styles and designs of crockery, lamps and the like, but also the relaxed atmosphere in a pleasant location complete with food stalls. In big cities, flea markets are frequently also weekend meeting places.