Visit Germany!

There is a lot to discover:

  • modern cities,
  • beautiful nature,
  • mountains,
  • sea
  • and delicious food.

On this website you can find information about travelling to Germany.

There are different topics below.

You can read more about each topic.

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Holiday ideas

Here you can find ideas for your holiday in Germany.

For example:

  • What you can do.
  • What you can see.

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Germany for people with disabilities

Anyone can go on holiday in Germany.

Even people with disabilities.

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Easy language in Germany

Easy language can help you plan your holiday in Germany.

There is more and more information about holidays in Germany in easy language.

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Info about this website

We have information about this website.

For example:

  • how the website works.
  • what you can click on.
  • where you can find information.

Find this information here:

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About the text in easy language

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