Cyclists take a break on the Sauerland Cycle Ring ©Sauerland-Tourismus e.V. (Sabrina Voss)

Inspiring Germany

Cycling with electric power: 7 discovery tours

Experience new views, master bigger challenges. Join us on seven exclusive bicycle tours ideally suited for e-bikes – along rivers, around urban areas or through the expanse of nature.

Moselle-Saar rendezvous: follow in the footsteps of the Romans

Roman Villa Borg Archaeological Park Roman Villa Borg Archaeological Park ©Adobe Stock (jozsitoeroe)

Idyllic river valleys and steep hillsides – the border triangle between Germany, France and Luxembourg is defined by the Moselle and Saar rivers. This 58-kilometre e-bike tour takes you through vineyards and orchard meadows to Roman relics such as the villa complex at the Borg open-air museum, or the magnificent mosaic in the Roman villa in Nennig, the largest of its kind north of the Alps.

Northern Black Forest: between two rivers

Calw: Hirsau Monastery Ruins Calw: Hirsau Monastery Ruins ©DZT (Francesco Carovillano)

Three days, 150 kilometres and nearly 2,000 metres difference in altitude – a strenuous effort for mountain bikers, but a breeze with an e-bike. What's more, you can enjoy the natural landscape of the Black Forest at your leisure, with its river valleys, woods and moors. Visit attractions along the way, such as Hirsau Abbey or the Hohennagold Castle ruins along with winding towns of half-timbered houses.

Swabian Alb: Prima Climate Tour

Tübingen: Marketplace in the evening Tübingen: Marketplace in the evening ©DZT (Francesco Carovillano)

Germany is committed to transitioning to green energy: solar power instead of coal, and wind instead of nuclear energy. Kick off this 65-kilometre Prima Climate Tour in the idyllic university town of Tübingen. Make your way through the Neckar valley, exploring alternative energy along the way: wind turbines, solar panels and a biogas plant. Rottenburg's medieval old town is perfect for a culinary interlude.

Lake Chiemsee: the Bavarian Sea

©DZT (Günter Standl)

Are you ready to circumnavigate a sea by bicycle? The Chiemsee, known among locals as the Bavarian Sea, awaits. Cyclists flock to the 58-kilometre Chiemsee circular trail for a fun ride. Or you can choose the Chiemsee bicycle route for a similar experience. If the complete trail is too long for you, get on the accessible 'Chiemseeringline' bus along the way. It circles the lake with a trailer for bikes.

Romantic Rhine: at the foot of Loreley

Brey: Couple riding bicycles along the river Rhine Brey: Couple riding bicycles along the river Rhine ©Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH (Dominik Ketz)

Left or right? In the UNESCO World Heritage Region of the romantic Rhine between Bingen/Rüdesheim and Remagen/Unkel, you can take your pick from several e-bike tours on either side of the river. Enjoy a classic tour on the Rhine Cycle Route. If you're after more of a challenge, explore the Breisiger Ländchen with almost 700 metres of elevation. Or bike to the famous Loreley.

Danube Cycle Path: right across the south

Four-star certification, bed & breakfast accommodation, luggage service: with its excellent infrastructure, the Danube Cycle Path is perfect for e-bike tours. Travel 600 kilometres through southern Germany over several days or take one of the twelve day trips – for example, on the first leg beginning at the source of the Danube, where the river snakes through wild limestone cliffs.

Former industrial region of the Lusatian Lake District

Lusatia: Pritzen Findling in the Lusatian Lakeland Lusatia: Pritzen Findling in the Lusatian Lakeland ©gettyimages (LianeM)

Impressive industrial monuments, two dozen newly-created lakes and nature conservation areas in abandoned coal pits: the Lusatian Lake District with its 150-year mining history is great for cyclists and visitors on e-bikes. Discover an enticing mix of nature and history on themed routes, where numerous lakes invite you to pause for a refreshing break on hot days.